Usage Policy

PitchPersonal Usage Policy


By using our product, you agree to this Usage Policy and acknowledge that the rules mentioned below are mandatory and must be followed. Please read them carefully.

  1. Low Bounce Rate

    Our first rule is strongly related to a crucial campaign metric – bounce rate. When using PitchPersonal, please, make sure your bounce rate does not exceed 15% at any time.

  2. Spam Bounce Rate

    Spam Bounce Rate is the number of bounced emails due to SPAM reasons. It’s calculated as a ratio of spam-bounced emails to all emails sent in your PitchPersonal account. If this metric exceeds 1% , we retain the option to suspend the account immediately.

  3. Valid Emails

    Since some emails from your list can be outdated or belong to people that are not related to the same business anymore, there is a bigger problem – invalid or nonexistent emails of your prospects. The share of such emails should not exceed 20% for any campaign.

    To address this issue, you can use any email verification platform of your choice.

  4. CAN-SPAM Act Compliance

    Make sure that your all your email campaigns comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

    Before sending any email sequence, familiarize with CAN-SPAM Act or any similar regulation that might be available in the country of residents of your contacts. If in doubt, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success agent.

  5. Opt Out Rate

    If you’re carrying out an outbound campaign, you should always have the opt-out link available for your contacts. In addition to this, please, make sure you keep your Opt Out rate under 10%.

  6. Opt Out Link & Text

    This rule corresponds with CAN-SPAM Act compliance.  By using Reply, you agree to always include an opt-out link when sending cold email campaigns. Though, within this rule, you are free to customize your link text to make your email look as if it has been written manually.

  7. No Generic Emails

    We require to avoid using generic email addresses (such as info@, sales@, support@ etc.) not related to a certain person in your prospect list.

  8. Email Attachments

    Though using email attachments throughout your outreach campaign isn’t prohibited, we strongly recommend to minimize its usage as much as possible since it makes your emails fall into spam folders.

This is especially important for cold contacts, their first-step emails and initial follow ups. If you have a “warm” campaign and prospects that you have already contacted in the past, attachments become more acceptable to use.

Please be aware that this Usage Policy is obligatory for all Product users and violating rules mentioned above may result in account suspension.