Engage Key Accounts Faster Than Your Competition
PitchPersonal enables your sales people to create a personal "idea portal" for key accounts they are trying to engage. This hyper relevant content penetrates accounts faster, engages marketing leads more effectively, and massively increases sales closing ratios. You'll never use generic sales collateral or links to your corporate websites again.

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Penetrate new accounts faster & prospect smarter
Penetrate new accounts faster by creating hyper relevant idea portals for prospects, such as how you helped someone they know, or how you helped their competitor!

For Lead Generation

Massively increase sales pipeline closing ratios
Increase closing percentages by creating personal sales process portals that differentiate your sales people and create the ultimate buying experience for your prospects.

For The Sales Process

Ramp up clients faster and keep them longer
Build customer loyalty for key accounts and increase up-sells by giving personal portals to each important client on how they can get the most out of your solutions.

For Customer Engagement

Penetrate new accounts faster
With PitchPersonal your prospects don’t link to your corporate website, generic landing pages, or sales collateral. Instead your sales people can build them a personal website to share a completely relevant idea for their business. Nothing is more engaging.

This does you no good though unless they view the portal, that’s why PitchPersonal also has our proprietary SmartProspecting technology which creates best practice multi-touch campaigns to engage your prospects.

Smart Prospecting

Dominate the sales process
While your competitors send email after email that get lost in your prospect’s inbox, you can organize everything they need to make a buying decision in one Sales Process Portal. Organize meeting summaries, documents, videos, sales collateral, references, evaluation steps, etc… Dominate mindshare while you create their “ultimate buying experience.”

For The Sales Process

Truly Personal Customer Service
Some customers are too important for generic help portals. Use Personal Service Portals where your dedicated account managers can interact with their key accounts. Organize only the best practices and training documents that they need so they don’t have to hunt through generic support sites. Align all the content around their goals and the reason they bought from you in the first place.

For Customer Service