Increase the prospecting efficiency of your sales team by 50% or more
Massively increase the relevancy and engagement power of your prospecting
Make the most of customer referrals and linkedin connections
Engage inbound marketing leads more effectively and increase conversion rares
The Key To Better Prospecting is RELEVANCE
PitchPersonal isn’t a landing page, it’s not a generic website, it’s a completely personalized and relevant content experience specific to the situation your prospect is in. Imagine sending a prospect a portal outlining an idea that helped their competitor, or a summary of how you’re helping peers of theirs in the same industry. It’s the human to human interaction around a completely relevant idea that makes this so powerful.

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Engage Prospects Through 3 key
Points of Lead Generation Differentation
Differentiate Yourself With Relevant Idea Portals
When prospecting most sales people send generic emails with sales collateral, links to a corporate website, or a list of benefits that sound the exact same as the 20 other sales people decision makers heard from that day. With PitchPersonal you send a specific idea completely RELEVANT to your prospect, which explodes engagement:

Relevant Idea Portals

Differentiate Yourself With SmartProspecting
Many sales professionals fail to generate consistent leads and pipeline because they aren't consistent in their prospecting. An email here, a phone call there... it simply won't work anymore. SmartProspecting technology creates a strategic and methodic best practice approach to penetrating new accounts:


Differentiate Your Lead Follow Up
Lead generation doesn't end with the lead, it must be followed up and engaged to see if there is a qualified opportunity. That's why differentiating your lead follow up is almost as important as differentiating your prospecting. PitchPersonal creates the most relevant and engaging lead follow up experience for all your marketing leads:

Lead Follow Up

Relevant Prospect Idea Portals
Getting your prospects to click on a link in your email is not easy, when they do you want to immediately create the most relevant and engaging content experience possible. Relevant Idea Portals do just that, and will differentiate you from your competitors, build relationships faster with prospects, and make you more memorable. Check out some of the most effective Relevant Idea Portal ideas below.
Killer Relevant Idea Portals to Make Your Lead Gen Response Rates Soar
How I Helped Your Competitor Site
Our personal favorite. take one of your customers and put together a PitchPersonal site with a few pages outlining how you help them, then send it to their competitors you also want to work with. You'll be amazed at the response rates you get.
The Referral or Linkedin Name Drop Site
Take a referral you get from a client, or one of their Linkedin connections, and create a PitchPersonal site how you help you client, and why you think you could do the same for them. PitchPersonal makes everything relevant and personal.
The Straw Man Best Practice Idea Site
Take a straw man profile, such as CMOs at software companies, then create a PitchPersonal site with a few pages of only relevant content how your services help people just like them.
Engage Multiple Decision Makers At Key Accounts
If you want to penetrate a new account, you need to engage multiple levels of decision makers, and make sure they all know that you're also reaching out to their cowrkers and bosses. With PitchPersonal your sales people can instantiy create a site with all the key decision makers at your target company.
Introducing SmartProspecting
SmartProspecting is a technology designed to engage prospects through consistent touches delivered over specific lengths of time. Much more than auto-responders, SmartProspecting leverages best practice pre-planned outreach strategies with the personalization that only a human sales person can deliver.
  • - Leverage email, phone, and mail
  • - Create multi-touch campaigns delivered over time
  • - Ensure sales people follow a predictable process
  • - Personalize each email before they get sent
  • - Speed up prospecting by 50% or more
  • - Engage multiple decision makers at the same time
Engage Marketing Leads Better
Whether from marketing campaigns, trade shows, webinars, etc... Nothing is better at engaging marketing leads than a relevant PitchPersonal site. Take what little information you know about your lead and instantly create a personal follow up site offering an idea you think will engage them. Then use a SmartProspecting campaign to ensure consistent follow-up so no lead slips through the cracks.
Simple Analytics to Stay Organized
We keep the analytics simple, and actionable. You won't need a PHD to figure out lead scoring or a full time team to run a marketing automation platform. It's simple, when your prospects log into your portal you get an email alert... call them! Then simple reports show you all your prospect activity and help you qualify and stay organized with your leads.