Opportunity Management... Redefined
CRM systems are awesome for helping you forecast and organize your pipeline opportunities, but who is helping your prospects organize their vendor evaluations?

No one, and they're a mess. They lose emails you send them, important documents, whitepapers, brochures, and forget everything you tell them in meetings 20 minutes after you leave the room. Worst of all, they're evaluating your competitors and after a few meetings all the pitches sound the same to them and they just end up buying what their buddy uses or whatever is the cheapest or “safest” solution. PitchPersonal changes all of that forever.

Massively Increase Pipeline Closing Ratios By
Creating A Buying Experience That Dominates Mindshare
Organize Everything For Your Prospects
Your prospects are incredibly busy, just like you, and you’ll be lucky if they get 5-10 minutes a day to think about making a decision on buying your services VS your competition. Make sure when they have those 5 minutes, that you’ve organized everything for them.

Organize Your Prospects

Qualify Opportunities and Stop Wasting Time
How much time and money do you burn chasing deals that never close? With PitchPersonal sales pipeline analytics, you’ll know with incredible accuracy which deals are engaged and going to close, and which are wasting your time and just afraid to tell you no.

Qualify Time Wasting Deals

Use More Engaging Content To Win Mindshare
Don’t send your prospects all over the internet to YouTube, your corporate website, SlideShare, etc... to view your dynamic content. Organize all of it for them in their own personal evaluation portal so they have instant access to the content you want them to see.

Win Mindshare

Organize The Entire Buying Experience For Your Prospect
With PitchPersonal instead of sending emails with attachments that get lost in your prospect’s inbox, you organize everything they need to evaluate your services and make a buying decision in one personal portal.

Easily add to the portal all the content they need, and then collaborate right in the portal so everything is organized in one place for your prospect.

Just Some Of The Things You Should Include In Your Pipeline Portals So Your Prospect Always Has Instant Access To Them

Important Messages

Create a message page so your prospects can easily see everyimportant email you've sent them

Meeting Summaries

Create meeting summary pages for your portals organizing everything you covered

Evaluation Steps

Stay on the same page with prospect by laying out each step of the evalution process

Feature Checklists

Include feature checklists that for your products your prospects can review

Whitepapers & Case Studies

Create content boxes to easily organize white papers, case studies, and other engaging content


Stay on the same page with prospects by laying each step of the evaluation process

Overview & Training Videos

Use the power of video in your portals to engage your pipeline prospects

Propsals and Procing info

Upload proposals to your portal and use analytics to track when prospect read them

Competitor Comparisons

Create easy comparisons so your prospects see exactly why your different from your comps

Qualify Opportunities And Stop Wasting Time On Deals That Will Never Close
Nothing is more destructive to driving revenue that having your salespeople burn time and money chasing deals that are never going to close.

PitchPersonal’s sales pipeline qualification analytics predict with amazing accuracy the deals in your pipeline that are truly interested and likely to close, and those that are just wasting your very limited time.

Use More Engaging Content To Win MindShare
Your competitors will all be sending emails, PDFs, links to web pages... PitchPersonal allows you to create a truly dynamic content experience for the prospects in your pipeline.

Include videos and dynamic presentations, and don’t just link to them on YouTube or SlideShare, organize all of them perfect for your prospect in their portal so everything they need is in one place. That’s how you truly differentiate

Simple Analytics to Stay Organized
We keep the analytics simple, and actionable. You won't need a Ph.D. to figure out lead scoring or a full-time team to run a marketing automation platform. It's simple when your prospects log into your portal you get an email alert... call them! Then simple reports show you all your prospect activity and help you qualify and stay organized with your leads.